This Is Not A Happy Post

I went the entire month of September without a blog post. I'm not sure any of my readers felt the absence, but I sure have. Things have been hard lately; I've been very caught up in life and as a result, my passion is suffering. Right now it seems like I have to focus all... Continue Reading →

Improving Self-Improvement

When I first wrote this draft almost a week ago, I was super down in the dumps. Naturally, the tone of this post followed suit. I read it and reread it and just kept thinking 'This isn't me. This isn't what want to put out there.' So I sat on it for a bit. Being... Continue Reading →

Seeing Silver Linings

I'll preface this by saying this is not my best post. It's been almost two weeks since my last post. These almost two weeks have been really, really tough. I can handle the occasional curveball, but lately it has felt like things were just falling apart. Since my last post, the Fulghums have had a... Continue Reading →

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