“Not everyone cares about your kid” – A Fan

I’ve been looking for a creative outlet for a while now. Pen and paper is too hard with an infant, so I decided to go digital.

The idea of keeping up with a blog is slightly daunting and I’ve had much self doubt that anyone would care to read anything I had to say anyway. However, in light of a recent nasty-gram I got on Facebook, and a really positive conversation with one incredibly encouraging older brother, I’ve decided to jump off into the deep end and see what happens. If nothing else, I can look back at my musings and make myself laugh.

A Backstory: I maintain a Facebook page mainly to keep in touch with distant friends and extended family from out of state. It’s not that I don’t want to call you guys from time to time, it’s just kind of hard with an unpredictable (and almost mobile) 6-month-old who likes to have my full attention 101% of the time. Honestly, I’m not a fan of what Facebook has become but I love to see the people I love and care about share their successes, baby pictures, dog updates, etc. So I stick around.

I’ll be the first to point it out. I post a lot of updates about my baby. I don’t expect anyone else to really care, but I know that a few people really find joy in seeing what we’re up to – especially my grandmothers who live out of state and haven’t been able to meet her yet. While I may be the first to point it out, I am not the only one.

One Wednesday morning I got a message from somebody who disapproved of how I “plaster” my child all over social media. I completely understand her angle, and I too think protecting your child is important. However, I regularly comb through my Facebook friends list and weed out those I feel no longer need to be updated on life or those who keeping contact with isn’t a priority anymore for whatever reason. Being a teacher for the last two years, I also keep my social media accounts as private as it gets because I didn’t want those stinkers knowing any more about me than they already do. THAT is not the focus of this post. That was just the spark that lit the lightbulb in my head.

My actual focus is what happened afterward. I put out a little PSA on Facebook basically letting anyone else who didn’t appreciate my baby spam know that it is totally okay to remove me from their feed. Before I had my own little one I did not always appreciate others’ baby posts either. I didn’t expect much to come from it, but to my complete shock, there was a little reaction. It became very apparent through comments and texts (in all caps) that some people actually do enjoy being updated on Little E’s adventures. So rather than stick around on a platform that, in my opinion, is a sinking ship whose lifeboats are being occupied by political bias and unfounded “news” stories, I’d jump over to a forum all my own.

say goodbye to facebook.png

Hence the birth of Fulghumfamily.com! I really can’t say I expect any sort of following, but if I can look back here in the future and have a record of what life was like at this exact moment in time, I’d say it’s worth the $48 it costs to purchase your own domain for a year.

So there you have it. If you made it to the end of this post, I’m honored.

What I don’t know is where to go from here. What I do know is that I’ve spent about two hours on and off setting it up and I feel so productive! Positive vibes all around.

Here’s to seeing what this page becomes or doesn’t become.


3 thoughts on ““Not everyone cares about your kid” – A Fan

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  1. I am blown away by you right now! You are unbelievably hilarious, completely transparent and undeniably talented. This is awesome, honey! Please continue this blog and consider other options for your talents… children’s books, etc. I am incredibly proud ofyou!!!


  2. Loved your story and laughed like old times! Breastfeeding is hard but such a small part of the whole parenting deal,, so enjoy!!


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